1-StopAsia Merges Korean Subtitle Translation and Media Services Company FFE

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Los Angeles, California – For Immediate Release – Today, Asian language service provider, 1-StopAsia and subtitle translation company, Free Entertainment Inc.; announced their recent merger dated October 1st, 2017.

We are pleased to announce this agreement,” commented Don Shin, Founder, and CEO of 1-StopAsia.  “The merger represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand our resources as well as improve our capabilities for more than 700 clients.”

Founded in 1991, Free Entertainment Inc. is a subtitle translation company based in Seoul, Korea. With 10 staff members and a database of over 27,000 subtitle catalogues, video editing equipment, and technicians the company has accrued more than 1.5 million dollars in sales last year alone.

This merger will allow us to translate video subtitle, but also handle recording, dubbing, video editing and full post-production for any Asian language for major entertainment studios”, stated Don Shin.

As one of the major subtitle translation companies in Korea, Free Entertainment Inc. (FFE ) has worked for several key Korean television stations and global entertainment companies; including BBC, Sony Pictures, NBCU and Youtube-Google.

Starting early September, the company has moved to a new office next to 1-StopAsia’s existing Korea office. With the new acquisition, 1-StopAsia will have established a total of 7 offices in 5 different countries; 2 in China, 2 in Korea, 1 in the United States, 1 in Bulgaria and 1 in Japan.

“We will keep both 1-StopAsia and FFE as a separate brand and entity for the next coming years. 1-StopAsia will be dedicated to serving the Translation service provider clients and FFE for entertainment direct clients,” marked Don Shin.

This will be 1-StopAsia’s second acquisition as the first was a language training business.

Our main focus will remain document translation and L10N; however, this major acquisition will align with our long-term strategy of implementing a ‘full-service language group for Asian languages’.

For more information, please visit: www.1stopasia.com  and https://1stopmedia.co.kr/


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