3 Compelling Reasons to Keep Developers Out of the Translation Process [2024]

Locize Translation Process

Have you ever been through the process of localization before? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just venturing into localization for the first time, you’ve probably encountered some frustrations along the way.

The frustration of delayed releases: Imagine that your product is ready for sale, but there is only one language option. You are currently forced to wait for the translations to catch up. This waiting game can take a long time and significantly slow down your time to market.

The burden of manual handling: Handling translation files manually makes things more challenging. You are in charge of distributing these files to translators and painstakingly adding the translated text to your programs or websites. This process not only invites errors, but it also complicates version control.

  • The challenge of collaboration: What if you need to make changes on the fly? Collaboration between developers, designers, and translators becomes a challenge to coordinate, often slowing down the entire process.

All of these challenges are signs of a problematic localization procedure. 

The Swiss Translation Management System (TMS), Locize, comes to the aid in this situation. 

These localization workflows are automated by Locize, allowing developers, content managers, and translators to concentrate on what they do best.

Locize Translation Topics

How does it work

So, how does it work? Locize introduces a game-changing approach where developers and translators work in parallel, not in sequence. When a code component passes testing, the corresponding strings automatically flow to the translation agency. 

Smart automation ensures that the translated content seamlessly finds its way back into the right place within the code, reducing delays and errors. This is the essence of what Translation Management Systems (TMS) like Locize enable – it’s known as Continuous Localization.

Continuous Localization accelerates the process, enhances flexibility, and improves collaboration among all stakeholders. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Locize: Great user experience, affordable and easy to integrate

Locize is not just a TMS; it’s a user-friendly, affordable, and seamlessly integrable platform. Developed by the creators of the i18next internationalization framework, it seamlessly fits into your development workflow.

One of the standout advantages of Locize is its adaptability. The team behind it is incredibly flexible and fast, making localization smoother than ever.

Plus, Locize boasts a transparent pricing model, free of paywalls, blocked features, or hidden fees – you only pay for what you use, starting at just CHF 5 per month.

Maximized efficiency for you

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Additionally, it can be seamlessly incorporated into any content management system with just a single script.

Integrate your project directly with Locize and automate the process of sending new “non-translated” elements of your application to Locize.

You have the flexibility to utilize Locize CDN translations or perform translations directly within your web application.

Moreover, newly generated keys in the reference language are automatically translated into target languages using machine translation, when this option is selected.

You can also enable direct notifications to be sent to your team’s Slack channel or Microsoft Teams.

The outcome? 

  • Less work for everyone involved
  • No time wasted implementing the content 
  • Fewer bugs in the localized content
  • Simple conversational threads that are guided