#50 New Rates in Germany, Financial Translation, LSP Channel Partners


In this half-century guestless (busy week) episode of SlatorPod, Florian unpacks the contentious matter of pay rises for interpreters and translators in Germany’s courts. Linguists for Germany’s judicial system will see their hourly and per-word rates increase from January 2021, but not everyone’s satisfied.

He and Esther Bond discuss big bucks equity research after US-based investment firm Jefferies formed an alliance with Japanese firm SMBC Nikko Securities, which will see Nikko translate Jefferies’ equity research reports for distribution in Japan. Under the alliance, research for high-profile stocks will be the first to be translated, before Nikko — or an LSP they engage — ramps up to translating research covering ca. 100 stocks.

From a cross-continental alliance to another form of inter-business collaboration: the two talk about the often-overlooked biz dev strategy of channel partnerships for LSPs, after UK-based SDL announced a partnership with office provider Rovva, which enables companies using Rovva’s offices and business support services to sign up to SLATE, SDL’s MT-powered subscription-based translation service.