6CONNEX to Partner with Interprefy to Help Clients Host Large Scale Events in Any Language


San Antonio, TX (March 3, 2021) –  6Connex, a leading provider of virtual environment solutions, announced today a new agreement to partner with Interprefy, a leader in cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation solutions, as the company releases its latest product enhancements. 

With digital events now playing an increasingly critical role in sales, marketing, recruiting, training, and human resources strategies, companies recognize that they need to adopt flexible, scalable virtual environment technology to ensure they can expand their reach and drive audience engagement.  The 6Connex-Interprefy partnership brings together state-of-the-art technology and virtual event ideation to help clients host large scale events in any language without the cost or administration associated with traditional interpreting.

Interprefy has revolutionized simultaneous interpreting by replacing proprietary hardware with a cloud-based solution, enabling interpreters to deliver services remotely to virtual, hybrid and on-site meetings and events of all shapes and sizes.  Its Select Solution was built specifically to integrate with online event platforms such as 6Connex, enabling event participants, regardless of device, to simply listen to the language of their choice while in attendance.

“Accelerated by COVID-19, a fast-growing portion of the events industry has turned to virtual equivalents, and recognizing their many benefits, will continue to leverage these platforms long after the pandemic has subsided. The Interprefy and 6Connex partnership is a powerful combination and represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market,” said Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales, Interprefy.

6Connex is committed to revolutionizing virtual experiences for its large customer base, and the product roadmap reflects an ambitious plan to build a vibrant ecosystem of features and functionalities that deliver better, and more enduring, event outcomes.

“6Connex continues to identify innovative approaches to partnerships that enable us to stay at the forefront of the industry.  Our partnership with Interprefy reinforces our goal to provide our customers with unique environment features that enhance attendee connectivity and participation,” said Lee Schor, Chief Revenue Officer at 6Connex.

About 6Connex

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