Here’s a Low-Code Solution for Workflows That Are Too Manual, Slow, and Expensive

Despite a host of successive, so-called breakthroughs in technology, today’s production and localization workflows are still weighed down by the same old problems as ever before: too many manual tasks across a slow process resulting in a more complex, expensive workflow.

Akorbi brings to market the first low-code platform for companies that want to create their own language translation-based workflow without breaking the bank. Called RunMyProcess, this customizable solution can remove unnecessary complexity from any workflow, transforming the process into a simple, elegant system for getting the job done as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Benefits include integrations with document management systems, machine translation (MT) engines, a company’s own (home-built) legacy system, and major back-office software via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Moreover, RunMyProcess supports 27 languages and allows any company to create a workflow that routes the translation task to MT or human, depending on the use case.

According to Azam Mirza, co-founder and President of Akorbi and Managing Partner at RunMyProcess, “With Akorbi’s acquisition of RMP in 2021, we became a digital transformation company. We are, basically, digital-transformation problem solvers for the global economy.”

Mirza added, “We have seen a lot of missed opportunities arising from businesses not owning their digital transformation journey. With RunMyProcess, businesses will no longer be forced to use only the tools supported by their main digital vendor.”

Low Code Equals Low Impact on Resources

RunMyProcess can integrate any major tool in commercial use today via more than 2,400 connectors so businesses can customize their own workflow. This low-code system can also scale with the business as it offers transaction-based pricing: clients only pay for what they use.

“Any business should be free to use whatever best-in-breed technology it wants without any downtime or having to hire additional staff,” Mirza said.

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Businesses across a wide range of sectors have successfully deployed RunMyProcess, benefitting from productivity gains, time and money savings, and more transparency across the workflow, as well as achieving compliance in highly regulated industries.

Here are just some examples of what RunMyProcess can do for the business.

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Over a Million Users

RunMyProcess (RMP) powers the workflows of more than one million users across the globe, who currently benefit from the seamless, 360-degree workflow experience only RMP can offer.

While built with translation and localization in mind, RunMyProcess can also integrate ERP, CRM, and other major systems, enabling the business to streamline the workflow without creating a strain on resources. What’s more, RMP is run from four server locations that ensure no downtime and 24/7 support.

Its low-code, high-speed system makes RunMyProcess the most cost-effective way to

  • create entirely customizable workflows and applications;
  • develop automated processes at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional coding;
  • easily make changes to the workflow as required; and
  • adapt to government regulations and industry standards.

As CEO Mirza pointed out, “Gartner stated that 70% of new applications will be developed through low-code by 2025. RunMyProcess allows businesses to be three years ahead of the curve today.”

RunMyProcess can help your business achieve the automated, fast, and cost-effective workflow it truly needs. Sign up for your free 30-day trial here.