A New Era in the Field of Providing Interpreting Services

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Youpret Ltd. is the first company in the world to launch a fully automated interpreter ordering service where the selection of interpreter is guided by machine learning-based statistical analysis. It is now possible to book an interpreter in advance or instantly with the simple click of a button, using the easy and convenient Youpret app.

We have automated the order-to-cash process of our remote interpreting services, says Youpret CEO Erik Tahvanainen. We operate in a field with very low profit margins and we were reflecting on the considerable amount of work that goes into supplying interpreting services. On top of that, the interpreting industry is currently characterized by fierce price competition, which is constantly pushing suppliers and interpreters to the edge. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways of working more cost-efficiently. We became aware of this problem and decided we had to find a solution. We are happy to announce that we have now found the winning formula for this problem.

Instead of orders being handled manually, it is the automated Youpret system that takes care of order confirmations, the booking of interpreters, invoicing, payments and the collection of feedback. You could say that we have entered a new era in the field of providing interpreting services.

Our goal is to offer our system to all regional and private interpreting centers in the near future. Youpret helps to considerably increase productivity and allows for better gross margins per transaction, enabling interpreting centers to offer more competitive rates to their interpreters. This is surely a vision to which many interpreting centers aspire.

Our service also makes use of modern artificial intelligence solutions. The rates of interpreters can be adjusted to a competitive level based on supply and demand and the Youpret app’s intelligent algorithm always suggests the best available interpreter to the client. The integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence makes it possible for the system to learn from user data and select the most suitable interpreter based on user history. Machine learning enables us to instantly scan all feedback received by the interpreter on previous assignments.

We are excited to be able to offer our winning formula to all language service providers in the future.

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Erik Tahvanainen
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