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Florian Faes, Managing Director, Slator

Florian Faes

Managing Director

Esther Bond, Head of Advisory, Slator

Esther Bond

Head of Advisory

Anna Wyndham, Head of Research, Slator

Anna Wyndham

Head of Research

Alex Edwards, Senior Research Analyst, Slator

Alex Edwards

Senior Research Analyst

Rocío Txabarriaga, Senior Research Analyst, Slator

Rocío Txabarriaga

Senior Research Analyst and Editor

Richard Brooks, Senior Advisor, Slator

Richard Brooks

Senior Advisor

Seyma Albarino

Senior Staff Writer

Gerard Castañeda

Research Associate

Maria Stasimioti, Analyst, Slator

Maria Stasimioti

Research Analyst

Deppy Nikolaidou, Conference Prodcuer, Slator

Deppy Nikolaidou

Conference Producer

Monica Jamieson, Digital Producer, Slator

Monica Jamieson

Digital Producer

Ana Medina, Slator

Ana Medina

Operations Project Manager

Deana Garcia, Sales Executive, Slator

Deana Garcia

Sales Executive

Rita Padilla, Sales Executive, Slator

Rita Padilla

Sales Executive