Aglatech14 Announces the Launch of Its Technology Spinoff Orbital14

Aglatech14 and Orbital14

Aglatech14 is a leading content transformation company headquartered in Milan (Italy). They are experts helping brands make the right connections anywhere in the world, thanks to their passion, people and technology. For over 20 years Aglatech14 has been handling diverse and complex requirements for IP and Legal firms, and more recently also for Life Sciences and IT companies. Aglatech14’s team is known for their service excellence, pursuit of innovation and commitment to help clients meet their business goals.

Today, Giacomo Grassi, CEO, announced the launch of Orbital14, a technology spinoff fully owned and hosted by Aglatech14 that focuses on developing innovative products and solutions for Aglatech14 clients and community. Orbital14 is spearheaded by Olga Blasco, Chief Innovation Officer. The core team is completed by Valeria Premoli, Product Manager, and Elena Murgolo, Language Technology R&D Lead, both with strong experience in technology-oriented projects at Aglatech14.

Giacomo commented “The language services market is evolving at a speed that was unimaginable until recently. One needs to embrace a reality where the bulk of the work is executed by software, while human intervention focuses on adding high value with the niche skills that cannot be replicated by machines. We are actively diversifying towards growth industries such as Pharma, MedTech and Digital Health, where pursuing innovation together with clients is a must. The decision to create Orbital14 as a separate entity is key to our growth strategy.”

Orbital14 is born with a core team of women in tech and strong partnerships under the fold in cloud apps, machine learning and neural machine translation areas with various projects already at different stages of development. Partners include Dimitar Shterionov’s team at the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence of Tilburg University (The Netherlands), whose model focuses on high quality and innovation in research and education, and a culture of collaboration and co-creation with the business community;  the ADAPT Centre (Ireland), the world-leading SFI Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology; G-Gravity in Milan (Italy), an integrated knowledge and competence hub with a community of innovators to incubate startups and accelerate business growth; and Gruppo Evo, a team of experts in cloud apps supporting business growth to ensure rapid scale, on-time delivery and an exceptional customer experience. 

Orbital14’s language technology advisory board include well known MT experts such as Laura Casanellas, of LCMT Solutions in Dublin (Ireland) and Ana Guerberof-Arenas, EU Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellow at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and Senior Lecturer in Multimodal Technologies at University of Surrey (United Kingdom).

Olga Blasco remarked: “Since I got involved with Aglatech14 we have been steadily increasing our budget for innovation. This has accelerated since we made a strategic decision to enable rapid multilingual content scale, data transformation and automation to meet high volume demands in growing industries. It started as an innovation hub idea. Now we are launching Orbital14, to embrace moonshot thinking as a mindset and engage top class talent to innovate and co-create together. All of us have one thing in common: we love solving difficult problems to make life easier for everyone.”

About Aglatech14

Aglatech14 are the experts in content transformation you can trust to help your brand make the right connections anywhere in the world thanks to their passion, people and technology. Aglatech14 provides clients with outstanding quality at scale through a large community of professional experts augmented by cutting-edge technology. 

About Orbital14

Orbital14 is a technology startup fully owned and hosted by Aglatech14. Orbital14 looks for breakthroughs to create disruptive solutions for clients and community and aims at 10x impact. Orbital14 is actively working to expand partnerships in Artificial Intelligence to co-create solutions with leading companies to advance their efforts to lead growth industries towards our 2030 world.

About Olga Blasco

Olga brings 25+ years enabling rapid growth and building value in the language services industry. In addition to her role as CIO at Orbital14 and Strategy / International Business Development champion at Aglatech14, Olga continues her work as M&A Principal Partner at Lion People Global and supports women entrepreneurs as JANA Co-Founder. She is also board member of Clear Tech Ireland.