AI Dubbing Platform Raises EUR 1M in Pre-Seed Round

AI Dubbing Platform Raises EUR 1M in Pre-Seed Round, a Madrid-based AI dubbing platform, has raised EUR 1M in a pre-seed funding round, with participation from London VC firm Boost Capital Partners, Bonsai Partners, and ENISA.

In a June 2024 LinkedIn post thanking their investors, Dubme gave a rundown of its AI dubbing platform, which reportedly supports voice cloning for more than 250 languages, plus features such as accent control and automatic lip sync. Dubme credited “rigorous human review” for ensuring high-quality, accurate products.

“Starting with AI Dubbing, we are set to revolutionize how content is experienced. But we won’t stop there!” the post read. “Our journey will continue as we progressively expand our range of solutions to include much more than this, stay tuned!”

Dubme was co-founded in January 2023 by CEO Alejandro San Agustin, a former Technology Manager at YouTube and General Manager of Prime Video Channels in Spain; CFO Elias Moreno, whose experience includes 10 years at YouTube as Head of Family Content for Southern Europe; and CTO Pablo Fernández, an eight-year veteran of Google/YouTube.

Moreno and San Agustin also co-founded Sunnyside Up Studios, a production company for original animated children’s content viewed in 50 countries. (They sold the business to digital media company Lunar X in January 2023.)

The co-founders’ resumes clearly impressed Boost Capital Partners. As one participant shared, “This investment is particularly special for me as it allows me to work, once again, with awesome ex-Google colleagues.” 

Beyond individuals’ common work history, Boost Capital Partners explained, the decision to invest “is based on its revolutionary approach to content localization, the exceptional expertise of its founding team, and the vast market potential.”  

Boost Capital Partners specializes in pre-seed or seed companies, and most recently participated in a late June 2024 USD 2.7m pre-seed round for Mexican financial services startup Ximple.

The other two participants in Dubme’s funding round are both based in Madrid: technology VC firm Bonsai Partners and ENISA, a public company under Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism that helps finance “viable and innovative business projects.”