AI Dubbing Startup Deepdub Gets Certification from the Motion Pictures Association

Deepdub AI Dubbing

Israel-based Deepdub, a company included in Slator’s 50 under 50 list of startups and which also raised USD 20m in early 2022, has completed the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certification process. This vetting process was created in 2018 by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to set “security benchmarks and a site security assessment to prevent content leaks and piracy.”

Deepdub was already a TPN vendor, but it is the first machine dubbing (also known as AI or automatic dubbing) company to earn the certification, as announced in a press release on May 11, 2023.

The MPA counts among its members global film and TV powerhouses like the Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and Netflix. The certification enables Deepdub to access MPA members’ pre-release movie and TV content for machine dubbing as a secure vendor.

“The fact that we are the first AI dubbing solution to be accepted as a trusted service provider in the entertainment industry is a strong testament to our ability to deliver premium quality dubbing solutions. It also signifies a growing trend in the industry, where embracing AI technologies is becoming increasingly important,” said Co-founder and CEO, Ofir Krakowski.

Deepdub also has a partnership with Topic, a US streaming service from First Look Entertainment, since 2021. Through this collaboration, the company was the first to dub dozens of titles to English and Latin American Spanish using generative AI voices.

Deepdub’s TPN certification and growing portfolio of projects in the entertainment industry signals the adoption of synthetic voices on film and TV at a faster rate than expected, given the relative youth of commercial AI dubbing technology. 

It is also clear that the technology is one to watch, as it lends the film industry the potential to scale like never before, at a time when it is already surpassing projections for global profitability: according to film industry analysts Gower Street, the industry will reach USD 32bn, a 23% increase in growth vs 2022.

AI Dubbing is one of the highlight chapters in Slator’s 2023 Language Industry Market Report.