AISA Rolls Out Self-Service Translation Portal

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, AISA embarked on an urgent digital initiative to develop an online and automated translation portal for digitalised businesses who readily embrace technology integration and e-services.

AISA Portal, launched in April 2020, is a web-based translation portal specially catered for all size of businesses who need to translate their contents urgently anytime  anywhere. The portal combines the power of cloud-based translation management platform provided by AISA’s technology partner, Smartcat, seamlessly integrated with AISA’s own AI technology solution neural machine translation in order to provide real-time translation.

The translation portal supports multiple file formats which take care of most common file formats. With the mobile-friendly UI design, the self-service portal can also be accessed using smartphone to upload contents and download translated versions instantly. The key features of the portal include unlimited users, unlimited projects and files, translation history, Google Drive support and a high-secured environment for users who are concerned with content’s confidentiality and security.

Apart from real-time translation, the portal also supports on-demand translation service enabled by AISA’s professional editing services according to the client’s quality requirements and budget.  

The portal and real-time translation are available on a subscription basis. A subscription plan can be purchased using online payment via Paypal or credit cards. For on-demand translation service, translation fee is based on per use basis via online payment.

“We designed our subscription plans with a purpose of attaining ‘a price that fits into all business sizes’, ranging from entrepreneur, small-to-medium enterprises, online or e-commerce business owners to large multinational enterprises. Clients no longer pay too much nor too little to use the portal’s features,” said Ian Ng, CEO of AISA Digital. 

For e-commerce business owner looking for localisation automation plugin support, translation memories and glossary supports to automate online product translation, AISA’s subscription plan is available for as little as US$20 per month annually.  

For large enterprises or digital platform owners, AISA’s machine translation can be integrated with their systems via REST API technology to provide seamless and real-time translation as part of Enterprise Solution. 

AISA is a translation technology solution provider based in Singapore, Southeast Asia. As a successful spin-off from a language service provider, AISA takes on the challenge of working on translation’s pain-points to develop AI technology solution to provide automatic localisation services for enterprises with business presence in Southeast Asia. 

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