Akorbi and Dialog Health Announce Strategic Partnership

Akorbi now offers content and message delivery via two-way texting powered by Dialog Health

Plano, TX – September 25, 2019 – Akorbi and Dialog Health are pleased to announce they have partnered to address the communication challenges and compliance regulations impacting organizations who support Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. The goal of this partnership is to offer client solutions that enhance communication with customers and employees, thereby improving engagement, satisfaction—and in a healthcare setting—patient outcomes.

By combining Akorbi’s interpretation, translation, and cultural expertise with Dialog Health’s two-way texting platform, organizations can now create tailored content for LEPs in their preferred language. The enhanced platform allows for implementation and management of a two-way texting conversation with LEP clients in their native language without the use of a live interpreter on-site. “Dialog Health’s passion is to help organizations leverage two-way texting to achieve higher levels of engagement,” said Brandon Daniell, President of Dialog Health. “By partnering with Akorbi, we enable clients to communicate in the preferred language of their audience on a device that is a favored communication channel.”

Clients will now be able to notify, educate, support, and even steer someone to a richer experience. Importantly though, the platform allows people to initiate communication with an enterprise even if they don’t speak English. An inbound text message is no less valuable than an inbound phone call or email. The ability to extend communication into a plethora of languages opens new, diverse markets for businesses wanting to expand their footprints and growth in these growing market segments.

“We have always strived to help organizations increase their revenues, improve outcomes, decrease costs, and enhance workflows by offering custom, innovative solutions. By partnering with Dialog Health, we will make a positive impact on markets, and significant enterprise and financial impact on our clients,” said Edward Cavazos, Executive Vice President at Akorbi. 


About Akorbi 

Akorbi is a US-based company which provides enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy. We help companies connect with employees, vendors, and customers in over 170 languages 24×7, in any modality, from any location. Our customizable, enterprise solutions include technical and multilingual staffing, learning services, multilingual contact centers, video remote solutions, translation/localization and in-person interpreting services. The company holds several certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, EN 15038:2006 and M/WBE Certification, and recently secured the prestigious WEConnect International Certification through the Women’s Business Enterprise. Akorbi was recently named the 9th largest language service provider (LSP) in the US by global market research and international consulting company, Slator and the 11th largest LSP provider by Nimdzi Insights LLC. For more information, visit www.akorbi.com or call 1.877.4.AKORBI. 

About Dialog Health

Dialog Health Inc. is a US-based company that provides a two-way texting platform to organizations which they can leverage as a communication and engagement channel. Two-way texting is a convenient, fast, effective, and affordable communication resource for stakeholder engagement. For more information, visit www.dialoghealth.com or call 877-666-1132.