Akorbi Announces Sponsorship of Women Economic Forum (WEF) LatinoAmerica 2019

Akorbi brings its entrepreneur and leadership expertise to one of the world’s largest women’s networking events 

Plano, TX – July 17, 2019 – Akorbi, a US-based company providing enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve global success, announced it will sponsor the Women Economic Forum LatinoAmerica 2019 conference held August 1-3, 2019 in Cartagena, Colombia. The conference is aimed at women empowerment and financial inclusion, and attendees will gain valuable insight from Akorbi’s CEO and co-founder, Claudia Mirza, who has been asked to participate in panel discussions throughout the event.

On Friday, August 2nd, Claudia will present, “Life Stories: Family, Leadership and Business,” a session focused on the work-family conflict of women entrepreneurs. Seeing her company rise from its humble beginnings to the 13th fastest-growing woman-owned/led company in the world, opened Claudia’s eyes to the difficulties of juggling a professional career and family life. But according to her, it is necessary for women to push themselves in order to transform the well-being of their communities. “Women play an important role in building sustainable societies, particularly in countries with vibrant economies like Colombia, Chile, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, and many others in the American hemisphere. Educated and empowered women raise children who will also become educated and empowered. I am hopeful that these women will also begin to take part in public office and actively participate in building democracies that are inclusive.”

As Akorbi’s visionary, Claudia has led the company’s impressive evolution from a language translation company to a global provider of multilingual business solutions, including interpretation, staffing, contact centers, learning services, and localization. Under her leadership, the company has flourished to become an award-winning, fast-growing, international company. However, one could argue that Claudia’s greatest contribution to Akorbi is the mentorship and encouragement she provides fellow women and working mothers. She is passionate about uplifting and supporting women so they feel they can succeed at motherhood and their careers. Claudia has traveled extensively and loves to inspire women everywhere by sharing her entrepreneurial lessons learned. “I am excited to continue supporting and sponsoring the Women Economic Forum and to be able to share my knowledge in philanthropy and business growth.”

The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is the forum arm of the global network ALL Ladies League (ALL), founded by Harbeen Arora. “Nadia Sanchez and Harbeen Arora [of WEF] are great leaders whom I respect deeply and am inspired by,” said Claudia. WEF is an international platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders. WEF events promote peer-exchange and learning in a diverse and interdisciplinary context, and are a powerhouse for massive connections and networking across the globe.

For more information about the Women Economic Forum LatinoAmerica 2019, please visit https://weflatinoamerica.com/En/.

About Akorbi

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