Alex Matusescu Joins XTRF as New Managing Director

XTRF Managing Director Alex Matusescu

Alex Matusescu has joined XTRF as Managing Director, bringing a customer-centric approach and a decade of experience from some of the largest translation companies across the globe. 

In December 2021, Alex Matusescu joined XTRF as Managing Director. He brings depth of experience gained from over a decade of working with some of the largest companies in the translation and localization industry, including United Language Group, Welocalize and Acolad Group. The previous leadership team consisting of XTRF founders Andrzej Nedoma and Dominik Radziszowsk, will support him as consultants on the advisory board. 

Having focused on the client side of business, Alex appreciates XTRF’s customer-centric approach and looks forward to helping the company grow while staying true to its values of flexibility, innovation, and customizability. His arrival follows K1 Investment Management’s investment in the company in September 2021. 

“I’m excited to join the XTRF team at what is an interesting time for the business and the wider localization industry,” says Alex. “I appreciate that XTRF remains focused on their values, putting their clients at the heart of what they do, while also continuing to grow and expand. I look forward to building upon the successes of the past and putting my experience to good use on this journey.” 

About XTRF: Established in 2010, XTRF is a leading provider of translation management software for the language services market. Their software enables clients to integrate their entire localization process in one globally accessible, cloud-based platform. As one of the fastest-growing translation management systems on the market, XTRF works with over 350 translation companies, corporate language departments, and public organizations across the globe. 

About Alex Matusescu: Alex has worked in translation and localization since 2009, and in recent years, has taken on leadership roles such as Managing Director and Director of Operations at some of the largest companies in the industry. With a BA in both Law and Finance and a MA in Business Law, Alex has worked in a number of countries, including China, Germany, Ireland, and Romania. See Alex’s LinkedIn profile.