Altagram Launches Diversity and Inclusion Project

Diversity and inclusion - Altagram

Did you know that June is not the one and only month of Pride? Happy Disability Pride Month!

Diversity and inclusion are values we at Altagram hold very close to our heart. We recognize that there is work to be done in the gaming industry and we are pushing towards strengthening the conversation to promote a more diverse and inclusive industry for us all to feel accepted and free to be ourselves, regardless of our ability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other facet of our colorful identities as gamers.

Altagram is launching a game contest and we will offer our localization services to people who are working on a project that contributes to the advancement of a more diverse and inclusive game industry. The ways that a project may qualify are broad and we welcome all applicants who believe their project falls into this category. Some examples of eligible projects are those which include strong diverse characters, offer inclusive player customization, have an inclusive storyline or include topics that are taboo in their home region. In particular, we would like to amplify Own Voices and intersectional efforts coming from within the communities. We want you to be heard and seen.

If you believe your project may fall under the aforementioned categories, feel free to apply on our website at

For any questions, we can be reached at