AMAG is Living Life in the Multilingual Lane, with Supertext Greasing the Wheels

Switzerland’s biggest automotive company has been relying on Supertext’s technology and creativity to translate multilingual communications for VW and Seat since the beginning of 2019.

It didn’t take long for the collaboration to go from zero to sixty. The pitch process was still ongoing at the beginning of December – software solutions were designed and suitable translators selected. Fast forward to the beginning of January, and Supertext is now responsible for translating multilingual communications for two of the best-selling car brands in Switzerland.

From transcreation to neural machine translation.

The texts that Supertext receives range from internal communications to advertising campaigns. To make sure that all content meets the appropriate cost and quality standards, AMAG makes use of a wide range of services:

  • For marketing campaigns and mailings, a transcreation ensures that every word hits the mark in the target language. This creative, free translation pays special attention to factors such as tonality, rhythm and word play, meaning the text ignites the same emotions in the target language and the branding has exactly the same effect.
  • When factual accuracy is paramount, for example in PR texts, product descriptions and catalogs, AMAG chooses classic two-phase human translation.
  • For streamlined processes and 40% lower costs, machine translation with post-editing fits the bill. DeepL Pro translates the text into the target language while taking into account the existing translation memory. A certified translator then proofreads the translation and compares it with the source text. This service is primarily used for internal texts such as intranet news, emails and minutes. 

Supertext’s new translation platform accelerates AMAG’s workflow

AMAG has placed around 400 orders per month this year – in German, French, Italian and English. This volume of orders requires a reliable, efficient and user-friendly system. Supertext’s Team Code combined customer-specific services with our own tried-and-tested platform, Supertext Corporate. AMAG employees can now place their translation orders online and benefit from streamlined processes, cutting-edge language technologies and a handpicked team of language managers.

First impressions? “Supertext is a super fit!”

After a successful start, Roger Rölli, Team Leader Marketing Services and the person responsible for the execution of the project, is very impressed with AMAG’s new partner:

“Supertext is a super fit for our dual vendor strategy for translation services and offers high quality and great value for money. Internally, our colleagues can benefit from an order system that is standardized, streamlined and easy to understand.”