AMPLEXOR Celebrates International Translation Day 2017

LUXEMBOURG — (September 30, 2017) — AMPLEXOR International is celebrating International Translation Day, promoting translation professionals globally. The translation industry previously observed International Translation Day, but this year marks a historical milestone as it is the first year being widely recognized.

In May 2017, the United Nations General Assembly officially recognized September 30 as International Translation Day across the UN network by passing a resolution to acknowledge the role translation plays in cultural diversity.

As globalization intensifies, enterprises are expanding into new geographies and emerging markets. To comply with various regulations and compliance standards and successfully attract and retain customers, companies across industries must invest in solutions that can help them accurately localize content. Translation is an integral part of that process. Furthermore, those solutions ensure content is delivered seamlessly at every client interaction point.

Failing to deliver content that is compliant and localized for each audience can be costly. In the life sciences industry alone, there are risks associated with inaccurate medical and pharmaceutical translations. Therefore, ensuring translated documents are accurate in terminology, clear in instruction and tailored to each target audience’s language is vital.

As AMPLEXOR’s Executive Vice President of Life Sciences, Elvis Paćelat, explains, “Companies working within life sciences are highly regulated and could not move their products to market without high-quality translations. When it comes to regulatory requirements for labeling and packaging of medicines and medical devices, I cannot stress enough the importance of translations to be 100 percent accurate. The repercussions of an inaccurate translation do not bear consideration, so we are delighted to acknowledge and celebrate translation professionals all over the world and the important work they do.”

Providers of intelligent content solutions can help enterprises in all industries, including life sciences transform their content management processes and digital experience – and provide personalized information for global audiences at all relevant touchpoints.

For more than 30 years, AMPLEXOR has provided transparent management of content production, translation, publication, optimization and compliance for companies across a diverse range of sectors. AMPLEXOR’s robust portfolio of scalable, end-to-end solutions leverages breakthrough technology, such as artificial intelligence, to help enterprises achieve process efficiency, increase revenue, reduce time to market and ensure quality and compliance. AMPLEXOR greatly values the role its world-class translation professionals play in delivering these solutions and is excited to celebrate International Translation Day.


AMPLEXOR International, headquartered in Luxembourg, is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and content solutions. Continuously growing since its foundation in 1987 and today with a presence in more than 23 countries, AMPLEXOR helps customers across key industries, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, the Public Sector and Defense, Aerospace & Transport achieve process efficiency, increase revenue generation, reduce time-to-market and ensure quality and compliance. AMPLEXOR’s turnkey solutions support core industry processes and include software technology, consulting, system integration, and language and content management services.

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