An Easier Way to Prepare for a Global Workday Rollout

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Venga Global launches a knowledge portal for global Workday translations

San Francisco, CA – Venga Global is excited to announce the launch of the Venga Knowledge Portal for Global Workday Translations. The portal provides insights into planning translations for Change Management and Tenanted Data content. The Venga Knowledge Portal officially launched on Monday, Feb 3 2020.

The portal provides short, easy to use information that helps Workday users understand how to:

  • Define their needs for translation
  • Plan their rollout strategy
  • Budget for all aspects of a project
  • Maintain consistent quality translation

Centralizing a global human resources information system (HRIS)  is a lengthy and complex process. Workday provides a modern cloud-based system that is already available in 34 languages.

As part of a multilingual deployment or after going live, companies will need to consider a few matters in relation to translating tenanted data (company-specific values used within Workday) and Change Management assets. Venga’s Knowledge Portal will help companies understand the What, When and How of planning translations for global deployment.

“Quite understandably, many of the people and companies we speak to are deploying Workday for the first time.” stated Chris Phillips, COO at Venga.  “We regularly hear the same misconceptions about translation and what is involved for a global deployment–a common response is ‘we wish we knew more about this earlier so we could have planned better.’

Companies who are working with Deployment Partners that already work with Venga are able to gain awareness early, but we know there are still a lot of companies that don’t know our specialist services exist. We decided to create an information channel that provides the knowledge we regularly educate Workday clients on so that it can be easily accessible as soon as companies start thinking about their global deployment.”

Access to Venga’s Knowledge Portal is free and by invitation only. Interested parties can request access at

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