Andovar Relaunches with a New Look, New Sites and New Options

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Multilingual technology leader Andovar released a fresh new look this week together with new solutions designed to serve the content needs of companies the world over. At Andovar, offering clear and intuitive content is considered critical to success and is a must for any brand approaching the global market. In light of this, Andovar’s latest offerings provide clients with more options than ever before, from innovative AI-powered language solutions to intuitive and easy-to-use microsites for eLearning and gaming content. 

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What’s new at Andovar?

A fresh new look that reflects Andovar’s growth and focus on helping clients expand their global reach and access the latest in localization solutions. Andovar seeks to Grow your wor/d by offering your content to more markets and users than ever before while making it more accessible; revolutionizing the way brands deliver content by providing solutions that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

Inclusive turnkey solutions offer consistency and efficiency

Anytime you purchase services for your organization, from tech support to office cleaning, you save money and retain greater control when you buy packages that include more than one service. Andovar’s latest initiative is designed to bring that “bundles service” concept to your projects, offering a comprehensive lineup of services under one umbrella. 

Andovar’s turnkey solutions are comprehensive and customizable, so you can have your voice talent, multimedia services, sound design and more all in one location and with one contact point. This model offers clients the best way to efficiently produce even complex projects without any worry of quality disparity, unexpected lock-in or additional costs.

Enhanced global presence

Andovar’s recent changes are about more than just looks. The brand has also opened an additional office location in Budapest, Hungary. In addition to being a significant economic hub, by incorporating another location into the brand’s significant global lineup, Andovar is able to offer seamless 24-hour service around the globe – no matter where a customer is.

Comprehensive AI-powered solutions for high-volume content

Andovar has put the power of AI to work for clients in high-volume industries and created a process that is more cost-efficient than ever before. 

By incorporating innovative AI systems, Andovar can rapidly translate content at scale while human editors are able to review the work for accuracy. By deploying artificial intelligence in this way, Andovar is able to provide swift and accurate services for large-scale projects that guarantee their clients both affordability and quality.

Dedicated microsites for specific niches

The needs of a gaming publisher can differ greatly from those of an eLearning platform; Andovar takes this into consideration and offers expertise and tools specific to three primary industries:

  • Andovar eLearning – eLearning localization is at the core of what Andovar has to offer. Educational and eLearning products that remove barriers based on culture, language and location, allowing clients to offer services to a global audience.
  • Andovar Studios – Cutting edge studio capabilities with an emphasis on broadcast media, marketing and communications that allow brands to fully relay their unique value propositions and offerings to prospects around the globe, regardless of language or geography.
  • Andovar Gaming – Games localization expertise makes it easy for developers and publishers to roll out successful launches and ensure a game can be embraced by a worldwide audience.

Reaching audiences in more than one language is about far more than just translating words; it is about understanding key nuances, cultural differences and needs that are unique to each industry or nation. Andovar is committed to offering their clients tailored language solutions for increased efficiency, seamless integration and the right match of technology and strategy to end users and products.