Arcadia Translations Is Now ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified

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Buenos Aires, December 2021 – Arcadia Translations, a language service provider with 15 years in the industry specializing in Translation and Localization services into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, has obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification and the ISO 17100 Translation Services certification by the international certification organization TÜV.

Arcadia’s Co-Founder and Business Development Manager, Cristian Modesto, commented: “It was certainly challenging trying to tackle both certifications in the same year, but the team managed to achieve this and leverage the entire process to even make new structural improvements that will keep the Company on a sustainable growth path for the next ten years.”

After completing both certifications, Arcadia Translations plans to continue with its strategy of continuous improvement of its internal processes and systems, and looks forward to obtaining two more industry-related certifications within the next two fiscal years.

“We have always provided services by adjusting our processes to these two standards, so in a way this was just the formalization of all the work we’ve been doing for a long time. But after the triple-digit growth of the past four years, it was necessary for us to take stock, review our processes, and polish the foundations so we can continue with the same growth trend for a long time”, added Violeta D’Atri, Co-Founder and CFO of the Company.

The Company’s focus on customer service, based on four pillars –rapid response, excellent linguistic quality, strict attention to post-delivery service, and account-dedicated PM teams, proved successful during the certification process.

Adriana Lourenco, Arcadia Translations’ Operations Manager, added: “Our commitment remains the same. For us, it has always been about customer service. The industry is moving so rapidly that you need processes in place that will allow the Company to provide a quality service, but to do so immediately, sometimes in shorter than 24-hour windows. And you can’t achieve that level of service unless the operational processes flow smoothly between the different departments.”

These certifications will not only strengthen Arcadia Translations’ operations workflow, but will also boost its business development and vendor management processes, by giving the company new tools to keep adding new services to its portfolio, and expanding its pool of existing and potential clients.

About Arcadia Translations

Arcadia Translations is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 Certified Language Service Provider founded in 2006 and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed by a team of experienced industry professionals, Arcadia provides Integral, Quality Linguistic Solutions to customers, companies and government organizations in five continents into all Latin American languages.

Arcadia focuses on customer-centric service and building long-term partner relationships with its clients. Supported by a robust operations team that has delivered over 19 million words translated and edited in 2020 alone, with an average of over 17,500 projects processed every year, and coupled with an absolute commitment to customer service, Arcadia Translations has solidified its position as one of the Top 10 Language Service Providers in Latin America.

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