Argos Multilingual Acquires ENLASO Corporation

Krakow, Poland and Boulder, Colorado USA – October 4, 2017 – Argos Multilingual, a leading global language solutions provider today announced the acquisition of ENLASO Corporation, an enterprise language solutions provider based in Boulder, Colorado.

This acquisition is a true merger of equals. Both Argos Multilingual and ENLASO Corporation share the same business practices, values, and vision, with complete alignment on the industries they serve. The acquisition adds to Argos’ strong existing team of US-based localization professionals, particularly in life sciences and it also gives ENLASO’s clients the opportunity to be serviced locally in Europe thanks to Argos’ strong Poland-based localization team.

ENLASO will be moving to the Argos Multilingual name and brand, as well as transitioning to the Argos TMS. Clients will benefit from continuous workflow between time zones to allow for an effective 18 hour working day.

Argos Multilingual Founder and President, Kimon Fountoukidis, is excited about the acquisition as, “it is always great to add top line revenue, but, with ENLASO, we are really adding some talented localization professionals, which will be a direct benefit to our global clients.”

This is Argos Multilingual’s second acquisition since 2014 when Argos acquired SH3 Inc., a Kansas-based language solution provider for the Industrial Manufacturing industry.

“It is really important for us to have a successful growth strategy in place that includes both organic growth, as well as acquisitions. This strategy has allowed us to triple in size in just three years,” stated Kimon.


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