Argos Multilingual Appoints Yves Savourel as Vice President of R&D

Boulder, Colorado USA – December 5, 2017 – Argos Multilingual, a leading global language solutions provider today announced the promotion of Yves Savourel to Vice President of R&D.

For more than 25 years, Yves Savourel has been involved in internationalization and localization. Part of his work included being involved in the creation of various localization-related standards such as TMX, SRX, ITS and XLIFF. Author of the book “XML Internationalization and Localization”, Yves is part of the team driving the development of the open-source Okapi Framework project.

Prior to his appointment, Yves Savourel was the Localization Solutions Architect at ENLASO Corporation. Now after Argos Multilingual’s acquisition of ENLASO Corporation, Yves was promoted to Vice President of R&D and will be part of the Senior Management team at Argos Multilingual.

Yves Savourel will be responsible for leading the global R&D teams in Boulder and Krakow, building a world-class R&D team that will continually improve the Argos TMS Solution.

“This team driven by Yves will set the industry trends in areas including neural machine translation (NMT), content security, branding control, quality-at-the-source, regulatory compliance and go-to-global-market solutions,” stated Kimon Fountoukidis, Founder and President of Argos Multilingual. “Argos R&D is developing the next generation of secure, context-aware translation management technologies that can identify and understand content, while automatically routing projects 24×7 to our in-country certified translators, greatly reducing time to global markets,” continued Kimon.

Yves will continue his role in the Okapi Framework open-source project, establishing Argos Multilingual as a key player in the technological solutions available in the localization industry. Additionally, he will also continue his role in various technical committees, including XLIFF, ITS IG, TAPICC and XLIFF OMOS TC to ensure the interests of Argos and Argos’ customers are well represented.


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