Argos Multilingual Continues Growth in Life Sciences

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Argos Multilingual is proud to appear prominently in CSA Research’s ranking of Global Language Service and Technology Providers. Argos ranked fifteenth among language service providers (LSPs) that derive the majority of their revenue from life sciences, twentieth among LSPs that specialize in technology, and ninth in manufacturing.

“These are all key verticals for us, and it’s great to see our efforts recognized,” said Argos CEO and Founder Kimon Fountoukidis. “A significant portion of our revenue comes from life sciences alone, so getting confirmation from CSA and other prominent research agencies like Slator and Nimdzi that we’re making the right moves in that vertical is crucial to our strategy for the rest of 2019 and beyond.”

Argos is uniquely positioned to continue profitable growth into the foreseeable future, with a distributed operating model that allows us to provide innovative and flexible language solutions to a global client base from our offices in Boulder, Colorado and Krakow, Poland. Argos grew at a rate of 36.6% in 2018, making it the 10th fastest growing LSP overall and the 6th fastest growing LSP among companies with over $20 million in revenue. For more info, visit us at