Argos Multilingual Delivers Strong Financials in 2018 with Life Sciences Focus

Krakow, Poland – Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – In 2019 Argos Multilingual achieved a record year of both revenue growth and EBITDA. Latest industry reports released by Slator and Nimdzi, had Argos highly ranked in the language industry. At USD21M revenue, Argos grew at a rate of 36.6% in 2018, making it the 10th fastest growing language service provider (LSP), and 6th fastest growing LSP among companies with USD20M+ revenue.

Nearly 50% of Argos’ revenue comes from the life science vertical and this vertical is also growing the fastest for the company, both in terms of revenue as well as the absolute number of clients.

Our Strategy going into 2019 is to continue our focus on servicing the life science industry. This vertical has excellent growth potential, while providing significant barriers to entry to other suppliers who do not have the necessary experience to tackle this complex, highly regulated industry with world class language quality requirements,” state Founder and CEO, Kimon Fountoukidis.

With Continued regulatory overhauls such as the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation and the need for compliance in international markets, Life Sciences companies are reaching out to language partners for support with changing regulations in existing and new language markets. 2019 is shaping up to be another strong year for Argos Multilingual with revenues projected to grow organically by 20%+ while maintaining EBITDA in the highteens.

Argos has a distributed operating model that provides consultative solutions that are both agile and efficient.The Argos main offices are located in Boulder, Colorado in the US and in Krakow, Poland in Europe enabling our clients’ localization teams to deliver unique language solutions to their worldwide client base.

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