Argos Multilingual is ISO 18587:2017 Certified for Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output

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Argos Multilingual is proud to announce that we successful achieved certification to ISO 18587, which outlines the requirements to be followed by organizations offering machine translation (MT) and post-editing services.

The standard defines the steps that Argos must follow in pre and post-processing phases, including making sure that language pairs, content, and document formatting are suitable for post-editing, providing post-editors with guidelines, and guaranteeing that final products meet customer

The certification also outlines the qualifications, experience, and specific trainings post-editors need to have in order to provide these services to Argos, and is valid from December 2020 through December 2023, with yearly surveillance audits to verify maintained compliance.

“Post-editing of machine translation output is certainly not a new service, but one that has seen increased demand in the last few years from customers who want to achieve faster turnaround times and lower costs while translating more content,” said Nadège Young, Chief Quality Officer and General Manager of US Operations at Argos. “We want our customers to be confident that this service follows industry standards and requirements, and we are very proud to add ISO 18587 to our portfolio of certifications.”

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