Argos Multilingual Releases the 2023 Issue of the Global Ambitions Publication

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The 2023 edition showcases new opportunities for global content in the age of AI

Argos Multilingual is pleased to announce the immediate release of the 2023 edition of the Global Ambitions publication. This issue is fully dedicated to global content and how it is rapidly evolving in the age of AI. It is available both online and in print and is included as an outsert in the September issue of MultiLingual magazine.

Over its 28 pages, this publication explores some of the hottest topics in global content right now, such as:

  • How generative AI may impact existing localization models
  • How localization professionals can seize the opportunities brought by these new technologies
  • How Argos’ technology partners – Intento, Lokalise, Phrase, and XTM – are incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their technologies
  • The role of data services in enabling generative AI
  • How to successfully deploy AI in localization and quality assurance today

AI is rapidly changing many industries, and the way multilingual content is created is no exception. Everyone needs to understand how generative AI works and the emerging use cases this brings. This publication aims to educate and inspire everyone involved in creating or localizing content. 

Argos Multilingual Global Ambitions

The digital version of the publication is available for free at: 

The publication complements the Global Ambitions podcast, available at, which uses a 15-minute format to feature sharp guests that share their insights in localization and international go-to-market.