Argos Multilingual Welcomes Alexander Ulichnowski as Chief European Sales Officer

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Argos Multilingual is pleased to welcome Alexander Ulichnowski on board as our new Chief European Sales Officer, as of March 9, 2020. Alexander will oversee sales and account management, process improvement, operations management, and customer relationship management.

He comes to Argos Multilingual from a position as Global Sales Director at LanguageWire in Leuven, Belgium. Prior to that, he spent 17 years at Xplanation Language Services before their 2019 acquisition by LanguageWire. At Xplanation he filled a variety of roles, including ISO Management Representative, Chief Corporate Development Officer, and Operations Manager.

Alexander’s education includes bachelor’s degrees in translation and strategic marketing, and he became a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 2017. 

“Obviously I’m excited to work with Argos and its people – I’ve known them for several years, and we’ve often competed against each other,” Alexander says. “I can vouch for the fact that they have solid staff at every level, and I’m looking forward to using my 20 years of accumulated knowledge and experience to take the company to next level.”

“Alexander brings a unique combination of strategic planning skills, market awareness, and an ability to quickly improve processes,” adds Kimon Fountoukidis, Argos Multilingual’s founder and CEO. “His skill set covers a wide variety of areas, and we’re very fortunate to have him on board.”

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