Asia Online Announces the Release of Language Studio™ Cloud, Version 4.0

Singapore, August 10, 2016 – Asia Online today announces the release of Language Studio™ Cloud, Version 4.0, the most advanced and comprehensive Machine Translation and Language Processing Platform available for commercial applications, providing access to 540 global language pairs and an unparalleled range of advanced features.

With Language Studio™ Cloud V4.0, Asia Online continues to lead the charge in delivering high-end machine translation quality, enterprise grade functionality and continued innovation in Machine Translation and Language Processing technology to the Localization Industry as well as for advanced Enterprise applications.

Language Studio™ V4.0 introduces hundreds of “off the shelf”, ready to use Industry Engines covering all key language pairs and increasingly 12 industry domains so that customers can translate “in domain” without the need for customization. Language Studio™ Industry Engines also serve as a foundation for Asia Online’s new “do it yourself” rapid customization process that allows customers to combine their own custom data with Asia Online’s engines to create custom Machine Translation Engines that are tuned to the specific needs of the customer in a matter of hours through a fully automated process.

Language Studio™ V4.0 also offers advanced Professional Expert Guided custom Machine Translation engines, with collaborative project management and data manufacturing tools. In this ground breaking approach, Language Studio™ Experts develop a unique Quality Improvement Plan for each engine that ensures the highest quality translation output possible.

When expert guidance and advanced data manufacturing tools are combined, Language Studio™ is able to deliver an industry first – high quality custom engines, even when customers have no data for use in the engine training process. With a proven track record of delivering 200-300%+ productivity gains for Language Service providers, Language Studio™’s new set of tools further enhance this capability, making it faster and easier to achieve than ever before.

In addition, Asia Online’s revised billing model ensures that the platform is financially accessible to even the smallest organizations, enabling them to compete effectively using leading edge technology.

About Asia Online Pte Ltd

Asia Online is a leading supplier globally of high-performance, high-quality Machine Translation (MT) and Language Processing technologies and services for LSPs, MNCs, content publishers, data processing enterprises and governments. With customers around the globe, including many Fortune 500 companies, and with 540 language pairs, Asia Online has by far the most comprehensive and feature rich MT system in the market today.

Depending upon the customer’s unique requirements, Asia Online’s Language Studio™ platform can be deployed in a variety of ways to integrate with customers’ in-house data processing and translation management systems, and it offers unparalleled levels of customization and control in pre-processing, translation and post-processing enabling customers with even the most complex data to achieve both high quality and high volume output.

Although some large corporate and government customers prefer to host their own Language Studio™ installations onsite, typically for very high volume data processing, many Language Service Providers and Enterprises access Asia Online’s Language Studio™ Cloud platform in order to reduce the time to service and the cost of entry.