Aspect Acquires Near Real-Time Translation Assets from Linguasys

Aspect Software, provider of cloud-based business process tools for customer engagement, acquired technology assets this week from Linguasys. Linguasys is a provider of enterprise language technology solutions including machine translation capabilities and has so far raised USD 4.7 million in funding, the most recent of which came from serial investor Mark Cuban on May 2013.

Through the technologies from Linguasys, Aspect aims to bolster its customer experience solutions. Linguasys’ text-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capability, for instance, will enable Aspect’s customer experience platform to perform near real-time translations of one-way notifications such as outbound text.

The capabilities of the acquired technology assets in Interactive Text Response (ITR), NLU user interfaces, and near real-time translations is supported natively in over 18 languages. Aspects hopes that this will enable it to aggressively pursue plans to become a leading cloud solution provider in the area of customer experience.

As Aspect’s platforms get a significant boost in terms of language and speech technology, intelligent assistance, and artificial intelligence, users will be able to interact more naturally with its interfaces. At the same time, it can also provide for the growing consumer demand for messaging services such as SMS and Twitter for customer service using the Linguasys NLU solution.

“By continuing to invest in enabling technologies and capabilities like LinguaSys, we continue to optimize and differentiate our… omni-channel customer service, creating greater solution separation from our competitors,” said Joe Gagnon, Aspect Cloud Solutions Senior Vice President and Global General Manager.

Aspect Software made USD 444 million in revenue last year and is aiming to lead the emerging messaging and text trend with this acquisition. Among Aspect’s string of acquisitions are hosting company Voxeo, business software services provider Quilogy, analytical performance management software provider AIM Technology, and business communications provider BlueNote Networks.