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KantanMT.com is a leading SaaS based machine translation platform that enables users to develop and manage customised machine translation engines in the cloud.
Press Releases By KantanAI On 23 Jan 2019

Asynchronous API Adds Flexibility to KantanAPI SDK

KantanMT has announced that its Software Development Kit (SDK) has been enhanced by the addition of a new Asynchronous Interface. This development in the SDK will provide a high speed, high volume asynchronous programme interface in to both Statistical and Neural MT engines.

Press Releases By KantanAI On 23 Jan 2017

KantanMT Clients Can Now Switch Easily from On-Premise to Cloud Deployment

KantanMT now offers a single User-Interface control for clients to move their deployment of KantanMT engines from On-Premise to the cloud, at the click of a button. Previously, the move would have required a measure of software configuration by KantanMT engineers. This new functionality is ideal for clients who prefer an On-Premise deployment initially but might want to move to the cloud at some time in the future.

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