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As a technology and translation company, Pangeanic specialises in the automation of as many language processes as possible, serving cross-national institutions, multinationals and government agencies all over the world. With nearly 2 decades of experience in supplying translation services in over 100 languages, we know what works for multilingual publication.
Press Releases By Pangeanic On 29 Oct 2018

NEC TM the New Pan-European Data-Sharing Solution

NEC TM is led by global language and technology company Pangeanic, and its AI unit PangeaMT, with Latvian technology provider Tilde and Croatian LSP Ciklopea as partners. Spain's State Secretariat for Digital Advancement Agency, SEAD, is also a member and as an implementing body of government policies, SEAD will lobby for the early adoption of the NEC TM platform in Spain.

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