BeLazy Announces End-to-End Automation for Translation Packages

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BeLazy, an up-and-coming startup founded by former memoQ CEO & Founder István Lengyel, has recently reached a new milestone with its technology platform that enables continuous localization across the translation supply chain. BeLazy offers a middleware solution that monitors new jobs in translation management systems and vendor portals and removes the human work associated with managing these projects in business management systems. 

BeLazy’s latest release helps boost project manager productivity by 1000% when translation assignments are done via packages. During the time it takes to manage a single project, they can now monitor the completion of 10 automated projects. 

“Every hand-off or human intervention in a process is an opportunity for mistakes. Automation reduces the probability of errors. BeLazy is the first solution that allows a translation project in a regular LSP workflow to run without the involvement of a project manager. This is progress.” said Renato Beninatto, CEO of Nimdzi Insights, about BeLazy’s latest release.

The current version supports projects coming from the vendor portals of XTRF, Lionbridge (LCX and TMS) and Translated, for translation companies working in their own business management system integrated with BeLazy, or in XTRF.

The multiplicity of workflows has been a side-effect of an industry that has experienced tool proliferation over the last decades. In that regard, BeLazy aims to liaise between companies – buyers and vendors – in order to boost efficiency and eliminate friction. As Lengyel says “we are currently working on demonstrating to the industry that automation is possible even in complex scenarios, where different information comes from different systems. Any company aiming for efficiency needs technology that connects them to their customers and their vendors alike.”

About BeLazy

BeLazy is a technology platform for streamlining and automating the receipt, management and delivery of translation projects to bring efficiency into dealing with small, repeating translation jobs. Read more about the release here.