BeLazy’s Just Got a Game-Changing Feature in its Latest Release

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BeLazy’s latest software update adds the email assistant, an AI-powered functionality that checks the content from your emails and can determine whether the email is likely a translation job.

The email assistant comes to address a problem that almost no customer portal or business management system has been able to deal with up until now: the fact that translation projects continue to arrive via email, creating extra manual work for project managers and breaking up potential automation workflows.

From now on, whenever a potential translation order arrives via email, BeLazy’s opportunity panel appears right above the email’s text, giving the project manager the possibility to turn that email into an opportunity in BeLazy. 

BeLazy’s assistant fetches information in the email such as deadlines, attachments, or the name of the end customer. The PM can quickly add whatever is missing manually, and apply the prefill templates that complement what’s written in the message with the implicit agreements.

By combining the email assistant with pre-configured rules, new projects arriving via email can be easily automated in business management systems such as XTRF, Plunet, Protemos, or any other tool connected with BeLazy. As a result, a fully configured project can be created within a minute.

As happens with AI technology, the email assistant learns through each iteration: the more emails are correctly categorized, the better it gets!

About BeLazy

BeLazy is a technology company that has developed an automation platform, offers customization services, and coordinates with other companies to fill the gaps in full-cycle project management automation in the translation industry.