BIG Launches LanguageVault®, Extends Client’s Data Security Perimeter

LanguageVault - A Big Solution

Atlanta based BIG Language Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its security platform LanguageVault, the world’s most secure translation environment.

LanguageVault, combines proprietary technology and innovative processes to ensure complete security throughout the translation workflow. As the only platform with a SOC 2 type II report (considered the gold standard of cybersecurity), LanguageVault addresses a long-standing industry challenge of securing content through the translation life cycle. LanguageVault locks down the content, restricts access and protects customer data as it leaves a client’s secure environment.

“Many of our clients are in regulated and highly technical industries, so creating a vault-like security environment has been a top priority.  We are thrilled to launch LanguageVault and take a leadership position within our industry around security” says CEO of BIG, Jeff Brink. “LanguageVault provides a single, secure and unified platform for our customers to manage all their language needs.”

“Businesses are under pressure, now more than ever, to control sensitive data as it leaves the company perimeter particularly to 3rd party vendors like LSPs. Protecting that data requires innovative technology, exacting processes audited by security experts, and a deep understanding of regulatory compliance that drives decision making related to how sensitive data is managed.” says BIG’s COO, Luis de la Vega. “By working with BIG, you can benefit from the same high levels of service and quality, but with the added peace of mind that we will meet business and regulatory requirements for information security.”

BIG Language Solutions will continue to invest heavily into technology to improve the customer experience and provide marketplace differentiation. The launch of LanguageVault reflects BIG’s ongoing focus on and commitment to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability—bringing added benefits and capabilities to BIG’s customers around the world.

About BIG Language Solutions:

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