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AI-powered human translations on all devices through APIs help global enterprises accelerate international business growth by obtaining faster and better localization.

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in on-demand translation services, has reported a surge in demand for its real-time human translation services. Multinational enterprises are increasingly seeking to support a variety of business translation requirements such as software and website localization, document translation, global call centers and customer support, international social media, multilingual user generated content (UGC), and eLearning localization, with much faster turnaround times.

As the first translation company to introduce mobile-based human translation services, Stepes now applies artificial intelligence to its translation ecosystem, allowing enterprise customers to receive instant online quotes, “Uber-like” project assignment to qualified translators, intelligent MTPE, cloud-based translation memory and terminology management, and automatic invoice and billing.

The rapid development of the digital global economy has compelled companies to act quickly to meet changing customer demands. Translation service is no exception because modern enterprise content is created and distributed fast, around the clock, and through all channels. The same content must be made simultaneously available in all languages to meet international customer expectations on a global scale. Stepes Enterprise Translation 2.0—AI-powered, fully automated machine-human language services deployed on all devices and channels—is a proven game changer.

Modern enterprise translation requirements are complex, necessitating real-time deliveries over desktop, mobile, SMS, social media, website, telephone, and IoT, remotely or on-site. Unlike traditional, static, single-dimensional translation services using slow, manual offline processes, Stepes automates the entire professional translation process onto the cloud while simultaneously allowing human linguists to translate on all devices, anywhere and anytime. More and more businesses require ultra-fast and 24/7 language services via translation APIs to deliver micro-content to customers in the languages they demand. The ability to translate digital content in minutes or within the hour will allow companies to beat the competition and get ahead faster in international markets.

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Stepes is the world’s #1 on-demand translation service for global enterprises. Stepes disrupts the traditional translation model to provide real-time, agile, and scalable human translation services for the digital age. Stepes’ patented mobile translation technology enables professional translators, interpreters to confidently translate anywhere and anytime in over 200 languages, on mobile, on desktop, and on site. Stepes’ game-changing location-based big translation solutions allow business travelers and individuals to get language interpretation services in all major cities around the world. For more information, please visit