BLEND Acquires Israeli LSP Manpower Language Solutions

Blend Acquisition 2024

In a deal that closed on February 21, 2024, Tel-Aviv headquartered tech-enabled language services provider BLEND acquired fellow Israeli company Manpower Language Solutions (MLS). The deal, BLEND’s second to date, was facilitated by advisor Benny Orr.

MLS, described in a press release as “Israel’s leading localization provider,” was founded in 1992 and was formerly owned by ManpowerGroup Israel. The company works with public sector agencies as well as Israeli businesses and specializes in bringing global brands into the Israeli market.

“Even though both companies are based or headquartered in Israel, we weren’t very familiar with each other. We only heard about them and how professional they are,” BLEND CEO Yair Tal told Slator. “When we started talking to each other a few months ago we realized there is a lot of room for collaboration and that our services perfectly complement each other.”

While purchase price and valuation were not disclosed, Tal noted that both companies are profitable. BLEND has 120 full-time employees, while MLS’ headcount is 70. 

MLS CEO Shulamit Gilan has retired, but the rest of the MLS leadership team will stay on and join BLEND. 

According to Tal, the plan is to maintain the MLS brand for several months before integrating it into BLEND later in 2024. MLS business and operations, however, will operate as an independent business unit.

Tal said that both BLEND and MLS offer AI-powered translations, coupled with human editing. MLS clients will now have access to a wider range of services through BLEND, particularly video and audio localization, including AI voice creation — capabilities the company gained upon acquiring GM Voices in 2021.  

“We’re looking into additional potential acquisitions that can help us grow faster and better service our customers,” Tal added.