Blend’s Ecommerce Study Shows Higher Localization Priority Among Top Brands


BLEND’s eCommerce study shows higher localization priority among top brands

AI-powered localization platform BLEND released the localization metrics report of the Top 50 eCommerce websites ranked by Similar Web

[Tel Aviv, Israel, October 26, 2021] — AI-powered localization platform, BLEND, today released results from the July 2021 analysis of eCommerce localization tactics used by top-ranked brands with a global presence. 

The report analyzes eCommerce localization metrics used to expand global presence and maintain local relevance among the Top 50 eCommerce websites as ranked by Similar Web in July 2021. 

Distilling down the data identified in the report, key findings include:

  • 46% of the top 50 websites offer more than four language choices to their overall audience to enable a localized and native experience.
  • Sixteen of the top 50 brands attract more than 20% of website traffic from external countries.
  • The top five eCommerce websites ranked by share of traffic from external countries are: Aliexpress, Steams,, Samsung, and Ikea. 

“Samsung, Shein, and Apple all offer their websites in over 30 languages worldwide, drawing over 50% of their site traffic from foreign markets,” says Yair Tal, CEO of BLEND. “We see this trend of global multilingual expansion among large brands and small sellers alike, and COVID-19 had a lot to do with it. From a pound of tomatoes to a brand-new Tesla, shoppers, regardless of age or previous shopping habits, adapted their habits to suit the new pandemic-shaped retail reality and they prefer brands that speak their language.”

Based on extensive research and analysis, BLEND has also released a new 4×4 Ps eCommerce Localization Model. This breaks down the four steps of a consumer’s eCommerce journey to ensure a better native customer experience with global brands. At a micro level, the company has broken down the four stages into: Pre-visit, Pre-purchase, Purchase and Post-purchase to create a flawless native shopping experience. 

By localizing the entire journey and all relevant elements, global brands can grow globally and provide better service that generates higher sales and better lifetime value.

“As eCommerce is booming and borderless, localization serves as a major growth engine and mistakes are known to affect conversion and perception,” said Hila Shitrit Nissim, CMO at BLEND. “Our 4×4 Ps model helps us guarantee a coherent and polished customer experience that shows a significant increase in conversion rates of shoppers.”

For additional information or to read the full analysis click here (Password: BLEND).



BLEND (formerly known as OneHourTranslation) is a leading AI-powered localization company that aims to remove cross-border barriers for global businesses. As an end-to-end multi-market enabler, BLEND empowers global brands to establish a native presence in fundamentally different markets, worldwide. BLEND’s strength lies in the power of its AI-driven technology stack, its team diversity, and the strength of its global linguist and voice talent community. Alongside its enterprise-grade, all-in-one localization platform, BLEND also provides self-service on-demand translation services via BLEND Express. BLEND, founded in 2008, is a privately held company with offices in Tel Aviv, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Kyiv, and Bucharest.


Sarah Evans
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