Boffin Launches, World’s First Platform for Scaling Video Translation And Voiceover

January 25, 2017, Toronto – Boffin, the Asian language service provider, today announced the launch of its platform, winner of the coveted TAUS Innovation Excellence Award. The platform, deemed “brilliant” and “a disruptor and game changer,” is an all-in-one video localization solution addressing the market’s growing need for multi-lingual voice talent and low-cost video localization in a world increasingly dominated by video.

“We are pleased to bring VideoLocalize to the industry,” says George Jie Zhao, co-founder and president of Boffin. “People who find themselves doing more video work can expect significant financial savings using the platform, as it eliminates the need for costly post-editing work and provides a central, online location for identifying, hiring, and managing voice-over talent.”

The platform, part synchronization tool, part voice-talent pool, and part project management environment, gives translators, project managers, voice talent, and clients the tools they need to complete video localization projects, and a way to work together online, simplifying communication and project management.

As a tool, VideoLocalize provides two methods for synchronizing audio and video. The first, Magic Sync, stretches a video to match a voiceover. The second, Karaoke Recording, presents voice-over talent with a line or two at a time so that each spoken sentence matches in every language the first time.

As a platform, VideoLocalize is a project-management environment and voiceover talent pool combined. “Karaoke Recording, which won us the TAUS Innovation award, was really the first step,” says Zhao. “By adding Magic Sync, the talent pool, and the co-working system, we have effectively created the world’s first method for scaling video translation and voiceover.”

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Video localization is complicated. There are translators and voice-over talent to source and manage. Translation processes and graphic engineering to oversee. And, costly post-production audio/video editing to drive up the budget. Until now. Until

Videolocalize, the brainchild of Boffin Language, an Asian-language service provider, is part synchronization tool, part voiceover talent pool, and part project management environment, giving translators, project managers, voice talent, and clients the tools and online workspace they need to complete video localization projects—faster and at a far lower cost than before.

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Founded in China in 1996 and headquartered in Toronto, Boffin Language Group Inc. has secured a strong niche position and a reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality translation and localization services, primarily for the Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean and Japanese languages. Boffin is also an established engineering service provider, handling software localization, QA testing, DTP, and audio/video engineering as well.