Boostlingo and Smartcat Announce Strategic Alliance and Technology Partnership

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Boostlingo LLC and Smartcat on Tuesday announced a strategic technology partnership to help language service companies and organizations work more effectively between the two domains of translation and interpretation services. The two top cloud-based language platforms will team up to integrate and market their services and solutions for collaboration.

Companies produce more content every day and they want to disseminate it in many languages here and now in a few clicks. This is a huge boost and a challenge for the language service industry. New demands and needs appear as the scope of work rises.

Technology, talent, and efficient team & finance management are game changers. We will put them together to create the best-added value and experience for all stakeholders.

This integration will make them feel at home with sophisticated technology. It will create the language service universe and a vibrant ecosystem where all parties can thrive.

Customers will engage the best language professionals to team with and save their time and operating costs.

Language professionals will find the most gratifying use for their skills, develop new talents, and use our advanced solutions to find inspiring projects.

“Boostlingo and Smartcat working together make perfect sense”, says Boostlingo co-founder and VP of Business Development Dieter Runge. “We both share a strong passion to provide our shared customers with the next generation of language tools and technologies to put them more in control of their operational costs and workflow challenges and in the ways that they can streamline their day-to-day operations. Our partnership with Smartcat will make it easier than ever for language industry professionals to collaborate seamlessly across these two platforms and pivot between the two distinctly different worlds of translation services and interpretation services with much greater efficacy”

”We at Smartcat build a stress-free environment for customers and language professionals, that’s why we decided to team up with Boostlingo”, Arseniy Konov, Smartcat CMO, says. “This means helping users to build and manage translation teams and put the translation process on autopilot from a content source to payments. Together we will make the translation industry a better place for everyone.”

The teaming between the two SAAS platform innovators presents a formidable 1-2 punch of possibility for the two platform providers to take the idea of the collaborative TMS/IMS ecosystem to the next level and redefine the stress-free language services collaborative workflow environment.

ABOUT BOOSTLINGO: Boostlingo, LLC is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Boostlingo is focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology solutions. Boostlingo software is device agnostic, infinitely scalable and compliant across all common regulatory and security requirements. By providing access to interpretation delivery and management applications including On-Demand VRI, OPI, and On-Site scheduling services, Boostlingo intends to advance global access and support from the interpreter services community. Learn more about Boostlingo at

ABOUT SMARTCAT: Smartcat connects linguists, companies, and agencies to streamline translations of any content into every language on demand. The platform puts your translation process on autopilot from content creation to payments.

  • Translation team management system with instant assignments and transparent progress tracking.
  • Agency and freelancer marketplace with 200,000 vendors from around the world.
  • Powerful CAT tool without limitations on the number of users or resources used.
  • Payment automation solution for one-click payments to all vendors at once, wherever they are located.

Learn more about Smartcat at