Boostlingo Announces Rebrand of VoiceBoxer to BoostEvents

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Boostlingo moves forward in post-acquisition integration with rebrand of VoiceBoxer, the company’s comprehensive multilingual event platform, to BoostEvents.

Austin, TX — 10/6/2022 — Boostlingo, a leader in the interpretation technology industry, Thursday announced the rebranding of VoiceBoxer into BoostEvents. The rebranding is part of the organization’s long-term plan to incorporate all aspects of VoiceBoxer, a simultaneous interpretation platform Boostlingo acquired in March of 2022, into the Boostlingo Product Suite.

Boostlingo offers interpretation technology to meet every interpretation need, including video and phone interpreting, simultaneous (conference, meeting, or event) interpreting, interpreter scheduling and management, and on-demand interpretation. BoostEvents is the company’s simultaneous event interpreting platform for hosting fully multilingual hybrid or online events.

BoostEvents will replace the VoiceBoxer product name and branding within the multilingual event application.

“For me, this transition to BoostEvents represents a culmination of the hard work our teams have done to integrate as one company post-acquisition,” said President of RSI and EMEA, and founder of VoiceBoxer, Sergio Llorian. “I’m excited for the product’s name and branding to reflect the team’s sense that we are truly part of the Boostlingo organization.”

The Boostlingo organization chose the name BoostEvents to acknowledge the growing demand for multilingual onsite, hybrid and online events driven by continuing globalization. According to Grand View Research, the global virtual events market has a predicted annual growth rate of 21.4% from 2022 to 2030.

“Boostlingo has always tried to be at the forefront of the interpretation industry,” said CEO and Co-Founder Bryan Forrester. “This rebranding is our team’s recognition that event interpreting space will continue to grow, and that we want to be leaders in meeting multilingual event needs.”

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About Boostlingo

Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo we are reimagining interpretation through innovative technology that enables language access and improves global communication.

The Boostlingo Product Suite includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting, interpreter management and scheduling tools, and multilingual event interpreting and hosting.

In 2022, Boostlingo acquired VoiceBoxer, a remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platform based in Copenhagen, and Interpreter Intelligence, an interpreter management and scheduling platform based out of San Francisco.

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Contact: Madie Riley, Communications Director