Boostlingo Launches New Video Conferencing Feature to Meet Remote Interpreting Needs

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BoostLink™ offers Language Service Organizations, healthcare providers, patients, and remote interpreters a secure, easy-to-use video conference option with the communication and privacy features they need. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (MAY 29th, 2020)— There has been a surging reliance on various web conferencing tools and telehealth platforms to help deliver language support services due to COVID-19. However, these applications for the most part, are not typically designed as interpreting management and delivery systems in any part of their core functionality. Professional remote interpreters must now be able to support interpreting sessions which may include multiple users who may be located across multiple locations. To meet this urgent need, Boostlingo has launched BoostLink™, a new video conferencing feature that connects multiple participants through the Boostlingo platform to highly qualified professional Language Interpreters within a matter of seconds.

BoostLink™ offers a virtual interpreting environment where Language Service Organizations can provide expanded connectivity to healthcare providers, patients, and interpreters and the ability to meet and communicate from multiple remote locations in a secure, easy-to-use web or mobile interface. No installation is required, and additional participants never need to login. Users can join via a link, SMS, or email for quick and easy access. 

The platform’s features include:

  • Ability to connect up multiple participants from different locations for OnDemand or scheduled Video Interpretation calls.
  • Options to join by video, audio, or phone.
  • Ability to add participants at any time. Both the interpreter and requestor can do it.
  • Waiting rooms. Invited users gather in a brand-able waiting room and can wait for meetings to begin.
  • Full room control. Requestors and interpreters can remove or mute users at any time.
  • Privacy filters. A knock to join filter allows requestors or interpreters to decide who enters the room.
  • Private rooms. Transient rooms provide zero access to users who weren’t explicitly invited.
  • Fully configurable. Pick and choose which role has permissions for a call.
  • Fully reportable. Call details are immediately exportable and reportable through the platform for all registered users.
  • Mobile support for iOS and Android.

BoostLink™ provides more security and privacy provisions than other non-interpreting centric web applications like Zoom or Skype and ensures access to all the necessary backend interpreter data support that Boostlingo is known for.

“Unlike some video conferencing platforms, we’ve designed ours since the very beginning with user security, privacy and regulatory compliance in mind,” said Boostlingo Co-Founder Dieter Runge. “When it comes to remote interpreting and telehealth services, no provider or patient should ever have to worry about compromised personal healthcare information and with BoostLink™, they will never need to.”

The new BoostLink™ video conferencing feature will be available for all Boostlingo users beginning May 29th, 2020. For more information, contact Boostlingo today. 

About Boostlingo: Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Boostlingo is focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology solutions. Boostlingo software is device agnostic, infinitely scalable and compliant across all common regulatory and security requirements. By providing access to interpretation delivery and management applications including On-Demand VRI, OPI, and On-Site scheduling services, Boostlingo intends to advance global access and support from the interpreter services community. Learn more about Boostlingo at