Braahmam Proudly Launches vSpeeq, A Unique Interpretation Service

Braahmam vSpeeq

Customers can benefit from Braahmam International’s vSpeeq, a one-stop solution for all interpretation needs.

[Dublin], [Ireland] – October 12, 2022–Braahmam International, a leading Dublin-based translation and localization company, is proud to launch vSpeeq, a one-stop interpretation service for all interpretation needs. The ease of communication and understanding of other participants is important for the success and effectiveness of any online event or meeting, even more so in the case of interpreted meetings and conferences.

Keeping this in mind, vSpeeq provides an interpretation platform along with online remote simultaneous interpretation in various languages, such as Spanish, for virtual events and meetings. 

With vSpeeq, users can break the language barrier with a better and more inclusive meeting or event. vSpeeq is compatible with all major video platforms or can stand alone as a browser-based tool on its own, allowing users to make the most of interpreter services.

This unique and valuable service promises a complete solution from instant booking to hosting a multilingual virtual conference or event on the meeting platform that customers prefer.

Key Features

The notable features of vSpeeq include:

  • Participants can easily listen to simultaneous interpretations without switching to another application or browser window
  • An easy-to-use and responsive interface with excellent video and audio quality
  • Support for interpreter relay – or translation as a source for another translation
  • Communication through text chat with partners or event managers

“What we have developed at vSpeeq has never been done before, especially for community interpretation,” said Biraj Rath, Chief Executive Officer at vSpeeq. “Usually, whenever there is a virtual event that involves an audience from different parts of the world, the companies struggle to find reliable interpreters, get timely quotes and coordinate with them and provide the interpretation in multiple languages on their web meeting platform. With vSpeeq, we came up with the idea of making multilingual event planning and hosting easy for customers. “

The best part is that customers decide the price of their event packages as they can select the preset packages or design their own, which is convenient. All they need to do is visit vSpeeq’s website, make their own package using the pricing wizard, pay for the event, and they are all set. vSpeeq is also running a promotion currently to avail a discount of $100 on Sign-up.

“This complete process does not take more than five minutes, and then the customers can relax and focus on the rest of the event-related activities. They don’t even need to take care of any technical setup or requirement for interpretation. Leveraging the benefit and expertise of over 22 years of experience in translation and localization, vSpeeq also provides translation of all event-related documents. The customers don’t need to look for different providers for different solutions now,” said Tanushree Choudhury, COO at vSpeeq.

vSpeeq has democratized simultaneous interpretation by making it a convenient and accessible service for everybody: NGOs, small businesses, associations, and SMEs. Braahmam International is happy to share that vSpeeq has featured in the prestigious Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas as one of the leading platform LSPs. You can access the Atlas here.

Braahmam also had the privilege to be the interpretation partner for CITLoB’s recent Annual Conference, Samvād 2022, a marquee event in South Asia for language services and technology business.

About Braahmam International

Braahmam International is an ISO 17100:2015 certified company that provides end-to-end translation and localization solutions for the digital world in more than 100 languages. Be it simple translations or localization of software files, the company simplifies the complex processes, integrates them, and supports agile workflow with continuous localization processes. With more than 22 years of experience, Braahmam International has built automated workflows into the localization process, enabling shorter turnaround times and error-free output.

Contact Information

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Address: The Digital Hub, #4, Digital Depot, Thomas St, Dublin, D08 TCV4, Ireland