CaptionHub Voiceover Speaks Volumes for Enterprise Localization

CaptionHub has announced the forthcoming launch of CaptionHub Voiceover: enterprise-ready synthetic dubbing in the most natural human-like voice available. The new feature by market-leading subtitle platform CaptionHub is set to disrupt what is typically an expensive and manual luxury for multimedia localization.

Dubbing has always been in demand, with voiceover recording restricted for the few scenarios where the extremely high costs can be justified. 

CaptionHub Voiceover looks set to make some serious noise in disrupting the industry. Leveraging sophisticated neural text-to-speech, users will have access to the most natural, human-like text-to-speech voices possible – immediately synthesised from dozens of foreign language subtitles.

33 language options – as well as variations within languages from French to French Canadian, European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese – provide CaptionHub’s language vendor and enterprise customer base with a world of choice at their fingertips. 

Perfectly and automatically syncing voice-over to video, it’s downloadable in just a few clicks. The whole process takes a matter of seconds.

That CaptionHub is using world-leading technology to provide an exceptional product and customer satisfaction comes as no surprise. The British-based business, begun in 2015, is the brainchild of Tom Bridges, who founded the company to solve a major frustration in the content production industry: the need to create large-volume, high-quality subtitles for content at scale and speed.

“At the time there simply wasn’t a technology solution that could do what we needed at the pace and accuracy we needed in order to get our clients’ content out worldwide,” says Bridges, CaptionHub’s CEO. “So, we made it ourselves. Now, that’s what we pride ourselves on – hence our motto, ‘Perfect subtitles, at scale’.” 

Well-known for being the market leader in its field, CaptionHub works with major players such as Stripe, BBC, Vice Media, NHS, GSK and TED, although its capabilities make it accessible to a varied customer base. Its primary focus, as seen through the launch of this new feature, is to enable brands and businesses to reach global audiences efficiently, accurately, and reliably -– all whilst staying in line with, or ahead of, current market needs.

Chief Executive Officer, Tom Bridges says. “We’ve had this in the pipeline for a while but have been perfecting it behind the scenes. It’s going to be such an interesting development for multimedia localization. CaptionHub has always been a product that keeps on evolving with customer demand, so this is a really exciting, major feature for us and our customers.”

The company will launch the product on an online event on 1st August, 2022 – places can be reserved here.