“ChatGPT in Localization” Online Event

Custom MT Event

More than 1000 people have already signed up for “ChatGPT in Localization”. The event will go live on March 1st, at 4 pm CET. It’s the first localization-specific event dedicated entirely to ChatGPT and similar model adoption. Top expert speakers including Marco Trombetti, Olga Beregovay, Jochen Hummell, Jose Palomares, and Diego Cresceri have already confirmed their participation.

This forum will help participants learn about large language models, their use cases in translation and localization, and practices to establish and enforce language AI ethics and governance programs.

Why now? 

ChatGPT is seeing rapid adoption in various departments – it is the fastest-moving invention in human history. Localization stakeholders have the opportunity to lead ChatGPT-themed implementation projects and governance programs because language technology falls under their domain and subject matter expertise. It is important to act fast and with an informed approach to establish a presence and credibility in this emerging area.

In localization, ChatGPT has been applied to translation tasks and found to be in the same tier of quality as top MT engines, like Google, DeepL, Microsoft, and Amazon. Moreover, use cases are quickly expanding to include file engineering, Excel macros writing, named entity recognition, dataset preparation, source text quality adaptation, and more.

In authoring, these large language models have the capacity to mass-produce content in multiple languages, removing the need for translation, and reducing the cost considerably. Some companies have already integrated them into their TMS.

Event Agenda

  1. Keynote from Marco Trombetti, entrepreneur, visionary
  2. Applying ChatGPT & LMMs in Localization – vendor track
  3. Applying ChatGPT & LMMs in Localization  – buy-side track
  4. Pathways to a European GPT 

To kick off the event, Marco Trombetti, a successful entrepreneur and investor, will speak about how ChatGPT could revolutionize the localization sector. This Keynote speech will be followed by three distinct tracks which will include viewpoints from vendors, buyers, and researchers.

Olga Beregovay (Smartling), Diego Cresceri (Creative Words), and Frederic Pedersen (EasyTranslate) will lead the vendor panel, discussing the emerging use cases, impact on business relationships and new roles.

The Buy-side panel will involve Bea Vedrasco (Trendyol), Jose Palomares (Coupa), and Anna Golubeva (Ikea) They will talk about emerging use cases, ways to structure organizational approaches to ChatGPT, and building careers and communications around large language models.

Finally, the Research panel featuring Jochen Hummel (Coreon & ESTeam), Ariane Nabeth-Halber (ViaDialog), and Gema Ramirez-Sanchez (Prompsit ) will provide an overview of the efforts to build LLMs around the world and particularly in Europe.

The event will be open and free to attend. We will include a Q&A session at the end of each discussion so you can share your thoughts or ask any questions from our experts.

Organizers: Custom.MT

Registration link https://custom.mt/chatgpt-event/