Ciklopea’s 20th Anniversary and Recognition as One of the Top LSPs in Southern Europe

Ciklopea 20th Anniversary

Ciklopea, the pioneering language services company with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, celebrates a momentous milestone, as it proudly commemorates two decades of enabling cross-cultural communication through translation and localization services. What began as a humble bootstrapped startup has blossomed into an industry leader.

Today, Ciklopea announces its recognition by CSA Research, affirming its position as one of Southern Europe’s top 20 language service providers for an impressive sixth consecutive year. This serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering unparalleled language solutions.

Mladen Stojak, CSO at Ciklopea, shares his thoughts on the achievement:

“Over the past 20 years, we have perfected our vision of delivering top-quality language solutions. Thanks to our team’s ever-evolving expertise, continuous investment in technological infrastructure, and highly-developed business processes, all of which set us apart, we consistently meet our clients’ needs year after year.”

Ciklopea’s journey to success has been guided by an extraordinary team, whose fortitude and adaptability have helped the company through challenging times. Sandra Stojak, CEO at Ciklopea, commends the team’s spirit and adaptability:

“The past few months have brought us significant challenges, but we understand the necessity of accepting change and adapting to new circumstances. It is during such times that we truly witness the resilience and strength of our team.”

Ciklopea is well-known for adopting new technologies in order to work more efficiently and help clients optimize translation and localization costs. In the mid-2000s, the company invested in a Trados server and started using computer-assisted translations. Today, the team has four different CAT servers, and they’ve created impressive databases and various bilingual corpora for different industries. 

Ciklopea’s proprietary BMS cuts down project administration time and boosts productivity by 85%, while other tools such as Trados, Across, memoQ, BeLazy, and Phrase ensure faster translation turnaround, higher quality, and increased efficiency.

The leadership team believes that it’s important to continuously explore new technologies. It’s worth replacing the fear with curiosity, and figuring out how to make the most of AI and other available tech to work better and smarter.

“If you’re going to work with AI, it needs an extensive amount of quality data to do a good job. We don’t fear that technology will take our jobs because we’ve been working with it for years. The future lies in the collaboration between AI and humans,” said Sandra Stojak, CEO at Ciklopea in an interview for Bloomberg Adria.

Looking ahead, Ciklopea remains committed to investing in people, technology, and processes. The team looks forward to a new phase of growth and feels ready to embrace emerging challenges in an increasingly competitive language market.

About Ciklopea

Ciklopea is a leading language services company that has been bridging language barriers and enabling global communication for the past 20 years. With a commitment to the highest quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Ciklopea’s team of expert linguists and advanced technology solutions deliver comprehensive language services tailored to meet clients’ diverse needs.

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