CLEAR Global Launches the “Meet Me in My Language” Campaign for Marginalized Language Speakers

CLEAR Global Meet Me In My Language Campaign

Garden City, ID, USA, December 13, 2022 – CLEAR Global has launched the “Meet me in my language” campaign to make more voices heard. The right to information is a basic human right, yet billions of people go without access to essential resources they can understand. The organization is calling for more inclusive information for everyone, whatever language they speak.

There are over eight billion people in the world, yet half the population are left out – people who don’t speak a dominant language. This means four billion people are left out of global conversations as little or nothing exists on the internet in their language. This makes it difficult to access often lifesaving information. Marginalized speakers have to work harder to make their voices heard, without the abundance of digital resources we rely on.

“We all deserve to connect and be heard. Yet, the digital language divide is leaving billions of people out of global conversations that are potentially lifesaving. How can we address global issues without inclusive language access for everyone? Marginalized speakers need urgent answers to their questions on climate change, women’s health, migration, forced displacement and more – in the right languages. By supporting our campaign, we inch closer to bridging this gap.’ said Aimee Ansari, CEO, CLEAR Global.

Our end-of-year campaign is an appeal for everyone to have the right to information. We stand with the UN’s Human Rights Day call to ensure dignity, freedom and justice for all. Access to information should not be exclusive. Vital information should be accessible to everyone, in their language.

Support the “Meet me in my language campaign”

Together, we can reach more people. With your help, we can raise $120,000 to create the multilingual communications solutions that people urgently need in 2023 and beyond. 

You can learn more about our campaign by joining our LinkedIn live virtual event on Thursday December 15, 15:00 CET. The one-hour discussion will focus on African language technologies. The event features CLEAR Tech partners including language service provider Translated, and Rwandan voice technology company Digital Umaganda. Together, we are implementing social impact solutions to help people connect and get vital information in Africa and around the world. 

Looking for a last minute e-gift? You can support our work and give a special gift to a friend by giving: 

  • $10, supports our online learning platform for translators and your friend gets a video highlighting the benefits of the TWB platform. 
  • $25, can build local language communities and your friend will get a behind-the-scenes note and video collage of our community meet up, help them understand how we work. 
  • $100 helps us grow and improve our international crisis response and your friend gets a video story of our 2022 impact, with a big thank you from our team! 

Make your gift donation today and on December 24, your friend will receive your virtual gift to unwrap.

It’s time to act. Give to CLEAR Global this holiday season, for real change and impact. 

Go to and enable us to create language technology solutions for marginalized communities.

CLEAR Global’s 2022 impact

Over the past 10 years, CLEAR Global and TWB have built a range of language solutions. We work with over 100,000 language volunteers around the world to help marginalized communities get vital information in their language. In 2022, our community translated over 18 million words of vital information and provided translation, review, subtitles, voiceover and more to support vulnerable people with over 2,300 projects. CLEAR Insights created 11 language briefs and three language maps to inform responders of affected communities’ needs. CLEAR Tech launched five language technology solutions such as chatbots in Nigeria and Bangladesh. Yet, we have so much more to do to support marginalized speakers. 

About CLEAR Global

CLEAR Global is a nonprofit helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. With innovative language technology solutions, research, and a community of over 100,000 people, CLEAR Global supports partner organizations working in various contexts around the world. CLEAR Global is set to improve global communication and information access for marginalized people.

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