Cloud Based Interpretation Now Offered by Conference Rental

New York, NY — Conference Rental, an interpretation solutions provider for multilingual events, has partnered with KUDO to offer a revolutionary cloud-based interpretation platform. The rental house added the newest meeting solution to its array of audio and collaboration services following several cross-continental pilot events in Sao Paulo, Brazil, London, and New York City.

The key to KUDO is its ability to bring all multilingual participants together for a live event, in person and virtually, regardless of geographic restrictions, using a mobile app or web browser. The platform is equipped to handle thousands of attendees collaborating and viewing content simultaneously. Attendees can follow along the session in their own language, ask questions via a built-in live chat feature, or even request to speak. Digital document sharing also allows meeting attendees to download presentations directly to their computer or mobile device.

This new cloud-based platform is an added value to existing solutions within Conference Rental’s inventory with the objective to boost event attendance and success with multilingual remote participation. “KUDO is certainly not set out to replace existing conference solutions,” said Andrew Murphy, Direct of Operations at Conference Rental. “Instead, it works seamlessly alongside traditional equipment, with human-powered interpretation, allowing attendees to follow meetings live from anywhere in the world.”

Working jointly with professional interpreters, Conference Rental’s offices are also equipped with booths – called studios – so that interpreters using KUDO may operate under the same comfort and quality standards they are accustomed to at the event space. This flexible solution makes it possible to accommodate last minute requests seamlessly, even in cases where travel is not feasible.

“Testing out this solution over the past year has really opened our eyes to the benefits of cloud based interpretation” said Murphy. “By adding KUDO to our product line, we are able to offer our clients a flexible, innovative solution where previously we would have had to combine several technologies together. It benefits everyone and it’s really changing the way we look at multilingual events.”

Conference Rental clients, language service providers, and AV rental companies have the opportunity to test-drive the new technology in an interactive demonstration. Demos are held bi-weekly and feature simultaneous interpretation in at least two languages, with a recent session totaling an impressive 17 languages. Would you like to experience multilingual meetings for yourself? Join the next interactive webinar and learn about the KUDO way.

About Conference Rental

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