Consoltec Earns Its Cybersecure Certification for Its Linguistic Project Management System Flowfit

Consoltec Flowfit Cybersecure

With over 20 years of experience working with highly regulated companies, and in order to maintain its clients trust, Consoltec has placed the security of FlowFit at the top of its priorities for 2022. 

For several months, specialized teams focused on improving practices by training employees and implementing several new security controls and policies. As a result, Consoltec was able to demonstrate its compliance with security standards that enabled the company to obtain its cybersecurity certification recognized by the Federal Government of Canada.

Consoltec, founded in 2002, has experienced significant growth in the last few years thanks to its revolutionary language project management tool FlowFit, which has enabled the company to conquer the translation market in the United States and Europe. Despite the strong competition, FlowFit has been able to differentiate itself by its flexibility, exceptional user experience and once again today, by its reliability after being awarded with the Canadian government’s cybersecurity certification.