ContentQuo Automates Translation Quality Ops with TMS Connectors

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Customers enjoy reduced operational costs associated with measuring & monitoring of vendor quality and MT quality at scale

Tallinn, ESTONIA, Feb. 28, 2020 — ContentQuo, an Estonian translation technology startup serving Global Top-10 LSPs, corporate localization departments & government translation agencies, has today announced public availability of TMS connectors to memoQ Server, Wordbee, and Memsource Cloud as the newest addition to its scalable, enterprise-grade Translation Quality Management SaaS platform.

Companies deploying ContentQuo alongside any supported TMS are now able to further automate & scale their operations in any scenario where human inspection of linguistic quality is required — like candidate translator testing, regular risk-based quality audits, post-revision translation vendor feedback, Language Quality Inspection/Assessment (LQI/LQA) projects, MT engine quality monitoring, or post-edited MT analysis.

With automatic, API-based exchange of information between ContentQuo and any chosen TMS, vendor teams and MT teams no longer have to manually export translated files for evaluation, or keep their vendor pool & MT engine pool in sync with ContentQuo, or import revised bilingual files back into TMS for TM updates, or keep their vendors’ quality metrics up-to-date in the TMS — resulting in hundreds of hours of highly paid Project Management time saved per month on large-scale deployments.

“All translation quality programs in translation organizations go through several stages of maturity. When a program becomes robust enough to be rolled out to multiple departments or subsidiaries of a global organization, it’s imperative to start focusing on consistent execution and operational efficiency,” said Kirill Soloviev, CEO & Co-Founder at ContentQuo. “At this maturity stage, our connectors to off-the-shelf and proprietary Translation Management Systems deliver exceptional cost savings and minimize risk of deviations from standard operating procedures, helping our customers better manage both their human supply chain and their Machine Translation engines.”

Сonnectors to SDL server solutions, as well as to XTM, Plunet, and XTRF are on the roadmap, while additional connectors to commercial & proprietary translation systems and business systems can easily be built on demand. For organizations using more than 1 TMS type, ContentQuo offers the ability to run multiple TMS connectors at once, delivering on its vision of a central hub for managing all aspects of translation quality risk across an enterprise or large LSP.

We at memoQ really like the approach ContentQuo are taking of defining, measuring, analysing and improving quality. said Brúnó Bitter, Chief Operating Officer at memoQ. We are very excited that they have developed a memoQ integration which allows for applying this approach to memoQ server projects. This development should lead to quality improvement in machine and human translation.”

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Kirill SOLOVIEV, CEO & Co-Founder