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Free website translation from A to Z in under 2 minutes.

Jersey City, NJ, June 12 — Finding a lack of simple, high-quality translation options for webmasters, New Jersey-based translation services provider Translation Services USA has officially launched their own translation plugin, “ConveyThis,” which promises to provide free translation to websites with under two minutes of setup and configuration.

While there are a lot of translation options available out there for website owners to use—particularly for those managing sites on popular frameworks like WordPress—the number of obstacles and caveats that come with each one make it a difficult area to penetrate. Users of content management systems like WordPress can have technical know-how that ranges from the inexperienced beginner to the highly technical developer, until now there has never been a simple, one-size-fits-all approach to website translation that has been able to both work “out of the box” and give enough control to website owners over their translated content.

Seeing a need for just such a service, Translation Services USA developed their newly-launched ConveyThis plugin for just that purpose. Modeled after their old “ConveyThis” widget, the new ConveyThis plugin combines ease of use with full customization, and promises SEO benefits as well as high compatibility with other themes and plugins to boot.

But what makes ConveyThis so much easier than the rest? To begin, getting the plugin up and running on a website takes no more than two minutes. All that’s required is registering for a free account on their website, (only a name and email are required—no credit card information is collected to get started). Once registered, webmasters can install the plugin in their site or copy a short snippet of JavaScript code into their site’s template. No additional setup or configuration is required.

Additionally, because the plugin does not need database access or any other special permissions, the results are fast and the additional server load on the site it’s installed on is virtually non-existent. Even the translations are stored on the ConveyThis server, rather than locally, allowing them to be edited easily and stored safely and securely, without having to worry about making backups, importing or exporting translation documents into third-party formats, text encoding issues, or other issues prevalent in other website translation solutions already available.

The ConveyThis plugin can be installed as a WordPress plugin, a Shopify app, or JavaScript snippet into any website’s template, and plans for simple plugins, apps, and extensions for other CMS and web applications coming soon. Users seeking more information can visit the official website at to add the plugin to their site, or to learn more.

About ConveyThis

ConveyThis is the great solution that helps you make your own website multilingual in literally 2 minutes. This is not just another piece of software designed for revenue purposes only.

Founded in 2008 by Alex Buran, ConveyThis is committed to creating iconic translation widgets, using the best technologies, craftsmanship and design. This is one of not many plugins that was built by professional and dedicated translators for translation.



Contact: Alex Buran, Translation Services USA

Phone: +1 (212) 380-1679